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Venkateswara Ayurveda Nilayam was established in 1925 with the aim of giving the best Ayurvedic diagnostic and treatment services at all times. Sri D. Venkateswarlu “Vaidyaraja”, the founder of this great organization had a vision to spread the knowledge and benefits of Ayurveda to all.

It was this zeal that led the Nilayam to grow on a firm foundation and to win seven gold medals for Ayurvedic medicine that is par excellence, as well as immense popularity and appreciation from everybody – medical fraternity to laymen.

Our History:

Venkateswara Ayurveda Nilayam 1st GMP & ISO certified Ayurvedic Company in Andhra Pradesh.

Sri D.V. Suryanarayana Murty, the only son of Vaidyaraja, was a renowned scholar and Ayurvedic Physician. After his father, he built up the Ayurveda Nilayam by introducing innovative techniques in the manufacture of the best Ayurvedic products. Hailed by the erudites as “Apara Dhanvantri”, Sri D.V.S. Murty won numerous laurels and awards for his distinguished service to the ailing humanity.



Proprietary Products


Brings down obesity, indigestion, stomach disorders. Helps to cure endometriosis (regularisethe menstrual disorders). Improves haemoglobin count in blood.


Helps to cure severe pain occuring during menstruation (mensus cycle). It is a proven remedy for this ailment according to the scientific evaluation study. Also helpful in infertility.


Acts on bronchial disorders. Proven remedy for allergic bronchitis in particular. Helps to reduce hypertension in lungs. Non-diabetic patients are advised to use Chyavanaprasalehya along with this medicine for sustained result.


Helps to improve seminal quality, potency and strength. Diminishes weakness and bestows conjugal harmony.


Improves appetite. Regulates bowel condition. Proven remedy for indigestion. Protects from liver disorders


Thyroid – Hypo & Hyper

Disturbed Liver condition

Balances / Neutralize Tridosha (Vata, Pitta, Kapha diseases)

Natural cleanser

Partly on Parkinson

Discharges excess water in the body


Regulates sugar levels in blood. Vitalises the body. Increases vigour and sexual capability.

Traditional Products

Patented Products


Helps to cure piles both internal and external (haemorrhoids)

Relieves indigestion.

Helps to control cholesterol levels.


Low energy levels due to diabetes

High blood sugar

Burning feet – syndrome

Lower sexual capability

Memory loss

Damaged liver, heart or kidneys due to diabetes

Thyroid dysfunction


Stress and poor mental and physical health

Disturbed central nervous system

High blood pressure and high toxicity levels in the body

Sluggish liver function

Poor nourishment

Arthritis, cataract and brain malfunction

Diminished memory power


Loss of libido



Useful in hypertensive conditions.

Health Care


Origin of Ayurveda

The word ‘Ayurveda’ comes from the word ‘ayur’ meaning ‘life’ and the word ‘veda’ meaning ‘to know’. Ayurveda means ‘the science of life’, and is a medical system practiced in India, Sri Lanka and Nepal. Ayurveda’s mythological origins, though, are attributed to the Indo-European Nasatya or Aswins, twin physicians of the gods of the ancient Indo-European pantheon. Four thousand-year old references to the Nasatya are found in the now extinct Hurrian and Hittite languages in Turkey and in the Sanskrit language in India. Ayurveda is considered the upaveda or accessory veda to the Atharva Veda. The four Vedas are the world’s oldest literary documents in an Indo-European language.

A classic Ayurvedic text that parallels the time frame of the Atharva Veda, is the Charaka Samhita. Written in the Indus Valley area around 1000 BCE in Sanskrit, it is a treatise on general medicine. This strongly suggests the probability that Ayurveda, though of pan-Indo-European origins earlier, had begun to evolve into a distinct entity within the sub-continent by the first millennium BCE.

Ayurveda’s lasting influence in the non-Indo-European sphere began after the rise and spread of Buddhism in the 6th century BCE Buddhist monks introduced Ayurveda to China, Tibet, Korea, Mongolia and Sri Lanka, leaving a lasting legacy in their medical systems.

More recently, the German translation of an Ayurvedic text that dates back to less than 1000 BCE, the Susruta Samhita, contributed to modern medicine the discipline of plastic surgery.

About Ayurveda


Ayurveda is one of the Indian systems of medicine and a growing sector with rising demand for safe and effective products. With the increasing urbanization and changing lifestyles of the public, there are a soaring number of chronic disorders in the society. There is an uptrend in the research going on the development of products for diseases such as Obesity and Alzheimer’s diseases is due to changed foods, food habits and changed lifestyles. We propose to conduct R&D activities on these diseases to come up with effective products to these disorders. The products mentioned here are less than the ranges given under product development.

Present Situation:

The total herbal drugs market worldwide is approximately Rs. 2, 67,000 crores. In order to have a sustainable drug development, the company intends to carry out clinical studies and development of required documentation. The company intends to register/license selected products in regulated markets. This needs standardization of natural raw materials and validate the manufacturing processes. Company also intends to make efforts in these areas having the required traditional knowledge and skilled man power.

With the advent of the patent era and the implementation of WTO guidelines, India will increasingly be finding it difficult to meet its demand for drugs for treating different diseases such as hepatitis, obesity, bronchial disorders, neurological disorders, impotency, cardio vascular, diabetes, arthritis disease, siroroga (head related diseases), panduroga (anaemia), apasmara (epilepsy), agnimandyam (indigestion), paksavata (Paralysis), danta roga (teeth problems), visamajwara (fevers), sannipatajwara (fever) and gulma (tumors). The conventional medicines are priced beyond the reach of the common public and we need to import these products at exorbitant prices at the cost of the health of the nation both economic as well as physical. To overcome such a scenario it is essential that we explore the Traditional knowledge of our ancient science such as Ayurveda to come up with answers to the latest diseases in a cost effective manner.

Diet & Ayurveda

Ayurveda believes in holistic approach. Treat the patient as a whole with the drug has been its prime concept. Patyapatya nirnaya – the determination of what is to be taken during the treatment and what not to be taken is the specific form of instruction regarding diet along with treatment during the ailing and convalescence. Hence it becomes equally essential to follow the dietetic rules and regulations for a successful treatment. The seers even went the extent of saying, “when an ailing individual follows the pathya – the dietetic rules, there is no need of any medicine (because by pathya itself, the patient becomes healthy) and when he does not follow pathya (then also) there is no need of any medicine (because medicine alone does not suffice for complete recovery from the disease)”. Such is the significance of pathya.

Our Quality

Quality Policy

Quality Practices

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