Gold Nano Particles

We, the team at Venkateswara Ayurveda Nilayam Ltd. have dedicated decades of labor
in achieving the finest of the quality in the supplements we manufacture. The history
speaks for itself. All we have here is the traditional medicine with scientific background,
both of which are vital for the quality and efficacy of the drug. The herbal medicine itself
speaks that the quality of the herb is directly proportional to the presence of its active
ingredients. Thus, all the raw materials that are used are of finest quality and undergo stringent evaluations here at our R&D (DST approved). Manufacturing process of
various bhasmas, which are equivalent to the nano particles in the 21st Century, have been
inscribed in the system of Ayurveda (5000 year old ancient Indian medicine) about the
manufacturing process of gold nano particles. The gold nano particles (otherwise known
as Swarna Bhasma), has a higher penetration rate and hence the active pharmaceutical
ingredient is loaded on the gold nano particles to deliver the drug more efficiently. All the nano particles we manufacture from various metals are of the finest quality. Diabetes
If the level of glucose in the blood becomes too high, excess glucose is removed from the
blood by the kidneys and excreted via the urine (glycosuria). This results in greater urine
production and causes frequent urination. Water held in the cells is required to replace lost blood volume, and thus causes dehydration and thirst.
VK4 Diacon contains the finest quality of ingredients and the manufacturing process
takes one full year. It contains the Gold Nano Particles. The drug is loaded on these
particles to penetrate deeper into your disease. Protects the blood vessels to the kidney and to the eyes.
CAUTION : It is not a replacement to the patients allopathy medication, this is another addition to their daily regimen, but purely herbomineral in nature